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Create. Inspire. Share. 

Craft, Art & Mess is the ramblings of a Jewellery Artist who loves all things
creative and Handmade.

Hi, my name is Rachel Moore, I am a mother and jewellery artist from Brisbane Australia and I am very passioniate about handmade so this blog is a space to show all the things I love about the handmade community. 

Create is all about sharing all things creative from my handmade jewellery to other handmade products, DIY projects, recipes and anything I have seen that is just too good to keep to myself. 

There is a whole community of highly creative people out there showing us how to make our lives better, one project at a time.

Inspire is all about showing my inspiration, whether is a funny saying that makes me smile and keeps me going on a day when all other things go wrong. The art and jewellery that inspires my work or even just the colours that give my work life. Anything that I believe that brings out the best in us all. And sometimes, just a little about my family and life in general.

Share is all about showcasing my handcrafted jewellery and the work of other handmade artisans in the community. I especially focus on wonderful sites like Etsy and MadeIt that provide Artisans with a venue to sell their incredible work and the two places where my jewellery is sold, this community of likeminded artists and creators are a big part of my life. 

So I share the work of others to spread the handmade community far and wide where possible. It’s also about sharing the things we see every day that are beautiful, funny or just too cute to keep hidden. 

So this is my blog and a space for me to share with you all of the things I love so thanks for visiting and don’t forget to comment, share your own blog or just enjoy! 

PS: Support Handmade and keep your local community thriving.

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