Thursday, January 15, 2015

DIY Wall Art - Inspirational Quote

Life is a Journey Not a Race...

Over the last year and leading into 2015 I have started preparing to expand my jewellery into the Wholesale world. Its a big process and takes considerable time to revamp all your products into collections, remake everything and create a catalogue suitable for wholesale and there have been days when I have felt a little dispirited at the lack and progress.

So I needed a little pick me up and took a break to create a little visual inspiration to remind me to have patience and that nothing comes to us instantly. I love creating digital products so this is always a treat for me and I find it infinitely relaxing.

This quote spoke to me the most so I made it into a digital image to mount on a canvas board. I used an inexpensive painting board from a discount store and had my images printed at my local officeworks on matt photo paper.

I attached the image using a good layer of Mod Podge or any glue that won't cause the print to buckle. Once dry I sealed the image with 2 coats of Mod Podge again to protect it from wear and tear. Although this is not necessary with photo prints, it means that I can wipe them clean with a wet cloth over time and the moisture is not likely to buckle the prints as there is no protective glass as there is a traditional frame.

Now the prints sits on my studio wall to keep me on track when impatience and the feeling of frustration that comes with slow progress sets in.

Download the image here...       Journey

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