Monday, June 30, 2014

DIY Fire Pit... while ago, I saw this gorgeous fire pit on a fabulous Etsy shop, it has to be the most spectacular piece of work I have seen in a long time, of course it comes with a pretty hefty price ticket, understandable really when you consider the amount of work and sheer talent that goes into creating such an unusual piece of functional art. Especially when you realise that the whole piece is handmade. Amazing talent.

Of course that price ticket is out of my range these days with a family but I would love to get something along these lines for my husband.

He is a bit of a fire bug and loves to burn things and play with fires like this, there is nothing he loves more than visiting a friend of ours who lives on a property in winter when he can setup a bonfire in their fire pit out the back end of their lot.

Unfortunately, living in a rental home we cannot make a permanent fire pit in our yard so I thought buying him a portable fire pit along these lines would be just perfect, allowing him to satisfy that need for a big flame without any risk.

I have been looking, and whilst there are a lot of options out there, many of them are extremely heavy or just not suitable for the space we have.

So I started looking for DIY options, something that was flexible enough for me to alter the concept to suit our needs and then I found this great DIY tutorial and am ecstatic, it was exactly what I wanted.

I can make it myself for a very low reasonable price, and even better, I could customise it by adding a size that suits me and even spicing it up a little by adding some colours and even possibly some speckled mix into the concrete to give a little interest or even, if I can find the right containers for molds, making a square design.

So wish me luck, over the next month or so I am looking for all the materials, especially the molds as I am hoping to find something a little unusual in shape, although it might be wishful thinking to find to two matching bowls that are unusually shaped and graduated in sizing, but I have the time to look around as hubby's birthday is not until later in the year.

Do you have a DIY fire pit project that you would like to share, something even easier than the above, I would love to see any fire pits you are making or have made recently to help inspire me as I get started on creating something special for my husband. Leave your link in comments if you have something you want to share.

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