Sunday, June 8, 2014

How to Train Your Dragon 2...Pre-Screening

For well over 6 months now I have had a little 12 year old girl in my ear about 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' and how desperately she is waiting for it to come out and the closer the time gets to the official release on 19th June to worse she gets. All week I have heard "Mummy, I just can't wait that long, it's 3 WHOLE weeks" and more.

But today we are off to the pre-screening, yay, no more agonising and complaining about having to wait. And, if I am being totally honest, I will say that I am looking forward to going also, I love watching kids animated movies. There is something very uplifting about them, just a little bit of fun and a reminder to laugh occasionally.

Of course, now I am going to have to deal with the repeated lines and constant talking about every little thing that happens in the movie. 

And I can only imagine what the next request will be, there are the colouring pages and activities which will be a must have, thankfully they are an easy download.

Then there are the mobile phone games that will be top of the list of requests over the next week.

I am desperately hoping that I don't get asked for one of these, cute as they are. I am not sure that I am quite ready to see my daughter dressed like Xena the Warrior Princess. Although thankfully these Astrid outfits are a lot more innocent looking than the original Xena, but very reminiscent of Xena, for those who remember her, of course.

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