Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dear Mr Busdriver...

Dear Mr Bus Driver

Thank you for cutting me off today as you illegally crossed 2 lanes to get into the turning lane nearly sideswiping my front bumper.

I and all the other parents sincerely appreciate the care you take in safely transporting our children to and from school, but I feel I must point out to you that the 'giveway' sign on the back of your vehicle, whilst allowing you to pull into traffic from a stopped bus zone is not a free licence to change lanes whenever you feel like it without concern for existing traffic in the lane.

I realise you are on a timetable and under pressure to meet arrival times but I cannot help think that the delay caused by an accident would be far less acceptable to your managers than the few seconds delay would create by giving way appropriately and following the road rules.

Yours Sincerely
A near miss.

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