Friday, July 4, 2014

On Fire for Rubies – July Birthstone

Jackie Kenney's 17.68ct Ruby Ring

Yep, it's July,and it’s time for a little Birthstone Fun and Inspiration. Last month we talked about the Pearl.

Rather appropriate that this month, as the weather is getting chilly (or at least what we call chilly here in the North), that we are talking about the ruby which calls to mind the dark red warmth and comfort of fire.

If you were born in July, the commonly associated Birth Symbols for the month are the Ruby as your Birthstone, your Zodiac sign is Cancer, and the Larkspur or Waterlily is your flower. 

The name Ruby comes from the Latin term ‘rubens’ which means red, obviously named for the colour of the stone which can range from a bright sun red to a deep blood red or slide into pinkish red tones. The ruby colour comes from traces of the mineral chromium in their composition.

The Hindus christened the ruby the ‘King Of Gems’ due to blood red intensity and believed it protected the wearer from evil. Rubies are believed to signify love, strength and passion.

Rubies are a highly sought after top level gemstone and are the traditional gifts for the 15th and 40th Wedding anniversaries.

Famous Ruby Jewellery:

Elizabeth Taylor’s Ruby Ring.

Just about every famous piece of jewellery seems to lead back to Elizabeth Taylor and her jewelry collection.

This 8.24-carat blood red ruby and diamond ring is one of the most famous and beautify ruby rings in existence. Husband Richard Burton gave it to Elizabeth as a Christmas gift in 1968.

The ring sold in 2011 for more than a staggering $4 million.

Queen Ingrid’s Ruby Parure Tiara.

My favourite royal has to be Crown Princess Mary, of course I suspect I am biased being Australian by birth. 

Here she is wearing Queen Ingrid’s Ruby Parure Tiara and Necklace, which was left to Prince Frederik who gifted it to his wife who looks absolutely beautiful in it. 

This piece has been passed down through the royal family since Queen Josephine of Sweden gave the original piece as a wedding gift to Queen Louise in 1869, and after many generations and alterations, this is the current piece held and worn my Princess Mary. This piece has been a popular set amongst the Danish Royals throughout history as the diamonds and rubies were believed to represent the red and white colours of Denmark.

Looking for a gift for someone with a July birthday, visit my PInterest board 'Birthstone Inspiration' for some great birthday gift ideas from the affordable handmade ruby jewellery on Etsy to luxury items from Van Cleef Arpels.

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