Saturday, June 7, 2014


You know where I am going with this one, have you ever had a craft or DIY project go really wrong, sometimes its only a little wrong and can be turned into something else that looks deliberate, other times there is just nothing you can do and you feel just a little useless. 

The disasters can be as simple as the appearance of a cooking project. Like my Strawberry Cream Pie, that were delicious, but not quite what I was planning visually, I wanted them to look like the first image, but they ended up a little less polished looking as the molds I bought were too small to
comfortably fit the filling. Hindsight Huh!

Whilst this is not strictly a disaster, its disappointing to not quite get the result you wanted and it can be hard to share if you are comparing yourself to the image you wanted or the idea in your head that just does not match. It's even worse if you are having a go at a DIY or Craft Project you saw elsewhere and have a beautiful, creative image showing the finished product in all its glory, then you look over at your attempt and its just a little sad.

Then there are those that are not just visually unappealing, but a complete disaster, Was it you? Was it the products? Did you choose a project that was just beyond your skills? Or were you just having a bad hair day?

These are the questions we ask ourselves, its a little bit demoralising to fail so dramatically in something you may consider yourself to be an expert, or at the very least, capable. I know that when I have one of these, and we have probably all had one, mine goes in the bin and god help anyone who takes a photo of my failure.

I admire those who share their disasters and enjoy poking a little fun at themselves and there is a great site that does just that called Craft Fail, I love visiting this site for a giggle at the craft disasters, like Rudolph above, although I don't doubt some of them must be deliberately wrecked just for the fun of it. 

What do you do with your craftasters, hide or share?

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