Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Importance of Human Interaction and Connection...

Have we lost the art of communication in this modern society.

I love technology so don't get me wrong, this is most definitely not an anti technology rant and I would never give it up. But I cannot help but worry about just how little we communicate as a society, and more specifically to me, as a family.

My daughter is 12 and just heading into her 'Tween' years and all she wants to do is listen to music on her IPod Touch, watch Manga drawing videos on YouTube and chat to her friend on Snap Chap or Instagram.

My husband and I both have computers and of an evening you will find him sitting in the dining room with his laptop and me in the office with my computer. In fact, it's so bad that some days the only time we talk is through Facebook Chat or Skype Chat.

Pathetic really when you consider he is only 6 feet away.

Recently, we picked up our new family member, a little bundle of black and white fur we named Tux. It's hard to believe he started so tiny, like the picture on the right, and now, he is a little bundle of energy and joy.

Funny how life can change in an instant. The addition of this tiny little dog, although no doubt he won't be tiny for long, has made a huge difference in our lives. Most days, we take our little Tux for a walk, some days just my daughter and I go after the school pickup, others days we go as a family, depending on what's happening and if my husband is away for work.

Some days we even take him twice, just a quick walk after school and a longer one as a family later in the evening. Amazingly, now there are days when my daughter comes home and spends time just running around the yard playing with our little puppy, not missing the technology that she has been glued to for some time.

We have begun to connect again. It's amazing how much happier as a family everyone is from that little bit of together time that we have neglected over the last 2 years as we have all moved on with our own interests. We are all very much in love with our new addition and it's wonderful how much he brings us all together.

What do you do to connect as a family, how do you keep everyone from living almost separate lives in their own little worlds? Share your family time tips in comments and inspire us all to spend more time together and reconnect!

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