Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Craft Techniques - Stenciling

I recently bought a lovely large swirling stencil in preparation for a few little projects I am preparing for around the home, I am looking to dress up and revamp a set of decorative mirrors and some side tables so thought some stencilling designs on these would be the perfect final touch on my revamp.

So this week I have been researching stencilling techniques and found some great information, including this fabulous video. Stencilling is such a visual technique that watching videos provided a much better overview on the best techniques.


This video comes from the website all about stencils, it has so many resources, information and even a great range of free stencils. Her hints and tips are really worth watching if you are new to the technique.

I have to admit, whilst I initially started researching stencilling for furniture use, I found some amazing videos showcasing stencilling work on clothing and materials which is very tempting to try as it would be a great way to adding a personal and interesting touch to basic plain clothes giving a one of a kind look. 

This video showed some amazing work in using stencils to create custom material for making your own clothes. 

I am feeling very inspired at the moment and quite tempted to buy myself a simple pair of black leggings to personalise with something special or a plain T-Shirt to dress up. In fact, this technique fits quite nicely in with the 'Papercutting' post last month as one common use for papercutting techniques discussed is to make stencils.

Do you have any crafting technique that you can share or a favourite craft activity. I would love to hear from you if you have a technique you can teach us all about, why not share a guest post on Craft, Art & Mess with your skills.

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