Friday, August 8, 2014

DIY Speech Bubble Magnets

I was at a gift store recently and saw some little whiteboard fridge magnets in the shape of speech bubbles. What a fabulous quirky idea.

Unfortunately the store ones were a bit clunky and large for me. So I decided this would be the perfect DIY project for the week.

I created a cute set of colourful framed bubbles in different shapes, printed them and glued them securely a piece of thick hard card.

Then carefully cut the shapes. I used a nail file to refine the edges where necessary, this was especially helpful around the curves where my cutting was a little rough.

Get a copy of the bubbles to print here…

For the dry erase surface I used a sheet of plastic, like a booket cover sheet that I had but looked at a few options before deciding on this as not everyone has these on hand and I wanted to see how they could be made using everyday items and found quite a few places suggesting clear contact, which would be really simple as it's self adhesive.

If using a non self adhesive cover, paint the surface with a thick layer of Modge Podge (I was very sparing on mine and it came off easily so the second attempt worked better with a nice thicker layer), cut a piece of plastic large enough to cover bubble, press onto the Modge Podge and smooth out all creases and bubbles. Cut off excess once dry.

I used self adhesive magnetic strips on the back.

Voila, totally cute little magnetic speech bubble whiteboards for the fridge to leave funny notes for my daughter, love notes for hubby or reminders for myself.

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