Monday, August 25, 2014

Five Things...I Hate about Monday's

It's the start of the weekly routine and the first day of the week I have to set an alarm, I hate the sound of the bloody thing.

I hate Monday traffic, it's like everyone had a brain fart over the weekend and forgot how to drive or they are all running late so Monday morning traffic is particularly frustrating.

My weekend snuggles. On the weekend our daughter runs into the room and climbs into bed with us for snuggles. Some days we may get just 5 minutes before she is off to play with the dog or watch her favourite weekend cartoons, but its something I look forward to all week and the start of the week heralds the end of our family snuggles.

The Whining
Yep that's right, Monday is the start of the school week and you can almost set your
clock to the fact the my daugther will start complaining about having to go to school, trying to cajole me into giving her the day off or walking round the house forcing herself to cough to try and convince me she is not well.

Being tired
The weekend is the time to stay up late and forget about clocks so by the time Monday comes around I am feeling a little low and tired from lack of sleep after staying up late and not being free to sleep in to make up for it. Bad routines to get into but I don't seem to be able to help it as I just switch off to the clock on the weekend.

What is your least favourite thing about Monday's or do you have Five Things... you want to share in comments?

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