Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hair with Flair...

Growing up I admired women like Cyndi Lauper, who was not afraid to be different and always had wild hair colours. She also had the personality and lifestyle to pull it off. Of course, for ordinary people walking into an office job in a bank or legal firm wearing neon green hair might just be a little off putting. Now having your hairdresser or even a young assistant in a clothing store sporting these hairstyles seems just right.

I remember as a teenager giggling with my friends when we discussed my grandmother's lilac, pink or blue coloured hair that she died different colours periodically to cover the grey. The colour changed constantly and always soft pastel colours, but as my grandmother had the personality to pull it off, it kind of worked.

Soft and Romantic
These days wild colour hair is so common its almost doesn't turn heads. Of course, you have to have a certain type of personality to pull the look off, I think, and off course being young helps. I definitely think seriously wild hair colours are for the young, watching a 60 year old woman walk around with lime green hair might be a stretch, but then again maybe I am just a little staid.

My daughter loves tinting the tips of her hair during the school holidays with temporary hair colours and hair chalks, having blond hair she can go almost any colour, but her favourites are pink and blue.
So I thought today I would share some the most eye catching on the blog. There is so much inspiration available on PInterest from the soft and romantic to the neon bright. But it doesn't stop here, these are a just a few of the wild selection out there, see more on on PInterest.

Bold, Bright and Neon

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