Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Jewellery Tools Storage Solution...

I am currently in the process of moving my studio. Not far and not a particularly exciting move, more a tactical move. 

My current studio is a spare bedroom in my home, but unfortunately it’s a shared space, I share it with my computer and office desk together with our family home storage, paperwork and more, so the space becomes very cluttered very easily. But even worse, I find it very easy to get distracted by the computer and end up spending considerable time surfing the net, playing on Facebook or doing things that distract me from creating orders or even worse, developing new products.

So I am moving my studio into my Mother’s garage, it’s a 2 car garage that is unused on a day to day basis, not even the gar gets put there unless during a storm. So it’s the perfect place for me to set up a designated studio to remove the distractions of my computer and removes the clutter created by a shared space.

So the move provides an opportunity for me to redo my workspace, at the moment all my tools are piled into a divided tool container on the desk, but this is cluttered looking and a pain to access as I am constantly having to dig around to find the right tool. 

The move allows me to work on the best and most efficient way to store all my tools and equipment in a way that is both tidy and easy to access. So over the last few days I have been researching storage solutions for jewellers and found this.

I want this so bad, but it’s too big for my space  and not being my garage I can’t really build a permanent workspace. Not to mention the fact that I have very limited woodworking skills and doubt I could make this on my own. Sigh, will just have to keep it on my wish list for ‘one day’. 

In the mean-time, whilst I can’t make the whole space, I cannot help thinking that making just the tool storage space in a form that is mounted on the wall on a removable back might be possible. So it gave me the idea of looking for storage using peg boards. 

This is what I found. Check them out at my PInterest page on Jewellers Tools, there are some great ideas out there for organising and easy storage of tools, and not just jewellery making tools either.

So tomorrow I am off to Bunnings or Masters to see what they have to give me a good start on my new storage and studio space. I am hoping to end up with something like these...

Do you have any storage or equipment ideas you could share, add a link to your PInterest Pins showing great storage ideas in use or even DIY Projects for creating your own storage solutions that could help me build an awesome jewellers workspace.

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