Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pocket Money Rewards for Children…

As a bit of a Hodge Podge housekeeper, I struggle with the ability to manage my daughter’s natural tendencies, inherited from me I am sure, to be messy and a little lazy when it comes to tidiness. So I find the best reward system for our home is a pay per task system, allowing her to earn her pocket money, hopefully teaching her the value of money rather than giving pocket money as a handout.

On our kitchen bench is a container full of reward sticks. Each task is allocated an amount based on its importance and the amount of work it takes, from 10-20c for everyday tasks like making her bed to 50c or more for bigger once a week or occasional task. 

Whenever she completes a task she takes a reward stick and off she goes, when she wants some pocket money, she presents her sticks, we add them up and pay her.

So today I thought I would share my little printable sticks for other's looking for a system that's fun and works. I have made a handful of generic tasks that are often done in our household and a couple of 'bonus' tasks that I use for those occasions when she does something that is not covered. I have removed the value so you can add your own amounts to each tasks.
Printable Reward Sticks
Easy peasy to make, roughly cut out the printables, glue to jumbo paddle pop sticks, I painted mine but you could leave them plain if you didn't want to make more work. Then I removed the excess paper from around the stick with an emery board, nail file would work well too but you can buy packs of 20 or more cheap emery boards at any dollar store and they are a great tool for crafting, I even use them in my jewellery making. It gives a nice clean finish.

How do you manage your pocket money and household tasks with you children, do you have any unique ideas that get the kids working happily, please share if you do as I would love to find more ways to get my daughter motivated to help around the house.

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