Monday, May 5, 2014

A Super How to Tutorial on Making Collage Images Clickable...

I love Collages, Don't you! who has visited my old blog before the move would know that I love montages or collages. They are a fantastic way of sharing multiple items in one image, keeping your post clean and uncluttered and visually short. 

But the one thing I don't love is having to add a list of ugly website links at the end of the post to share where the collage items came from and give credit to their owners like in this post I did over at the old blog sharing some cute little critters. It really ruins the aesthetics of a post, especially when the links are long. Unfortunately, when I started posting regularly this was the only way I knew how to share the links or credits for the owners of these fabulous images.
Of course there are lots of ways to make the links more attractive, but having a post like Going Dotty where every image in the collage is linked back to an original source is cleaner, more appealing and so much easier for readers.

So today I thought I would share what changed for me. As you can see from the two posts, at some stage I had an 'ah-ha' moment. Actually, it probably wasn't an ah-ha moment so much as I just found this great tutorial on how to make collage images clickable. 

The tutorial is available at Anyonita Nibbles, a little food blog I found recently. 

The instructions were so simple I cannot believe I ever did it any other way. If you make collages to share online, whether in a blog, website and even just on Facebook and PInterest, you have to head over to Anyonita's site to check out this great tutorial, its the best thing I every did.

Really, you only have to look at the two screenshots of my blog posts to realise what a difference it makes visually. 

Hope you all find this super useful.

xxx Rachel

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