Monday, May 19, 2014

The Benefits of Craft Activities for Developing Children...

Arts and crafts are some of the earliest skills we teach our children. Before we even consider the first steps to reading and writing, we're carefully placing crayons in their tiny hands, encouraging them to explore the wonder of creation for themselves. From then on, we promote their involvement with crafts, treasuring every glitter covered paddle pop stick and coloured pasta necklace. But there are so many more benefits to a child's involvement in craft than just the enjoyment of their own creativity.
One of the most important benefits for a child gained through involvement in crafts is the honing of those crucial fine motor skills. Strengthening their hands through painting, cutting and gluing and encouraging the development of reflexes is probably the most recognised benefit of craft activities, and the reason crafting has such an important place in all early childhood educational programs today.

Hand-eye co-ordination follows on from this; a child spending time creating intricate details on a painting, or a toothpick model of a house, is not just having fun! Neural pathways are being developed and refined, lending greater control with small movements, and all improving their readiness for school. Learning through play isn't just a buzzword, its the best way to encourage children to grow, physically and mentally, without making it like work. Plus, you have all your Christmas presents for Nanna and Grandpa already sorted!
Concentration is another huge skill your child is learning when they are mastering a new craft. The ability to sit still in one place and focus on one activity is difficult for many children. Becoming involved in an activity they truly enjoy is key, and crafts are an amazing way to engage even the most busy little bee. Building those concentration skills will stand them in good stead when they get to school, and their teacher will thank you!

Believe it or not, but when they are painting or drawing or creating a sock puppet family, comprehension is another skill they are putting together in those smart little heads. The ability to think about situations and stories, and process them emotionally and mentally, then express their feelings about those stories in their craft, is a valuable skill. Your child is learning how to think about the world, and craft gives them a meaningful language to express their feelings in. Later on, these cognitive skills will adapt beautifully to reading and writing, and their school work will benefit immensely.

Last but definitely not least, engaging in crafting activities encourages your child to think about others, and create things with love. Making something special for someone you love is of the greatest pleasures a crafter enjoys, and sharing this with your child creates a wonderful bond between the two of you. Seeing their handmade keyring loved and used by you every day shows your child how much you treasure them, and encourages them in their creative endeavours, as well as encouraging them to make and do nice things for the people in their lives.

Crafting is an enjoyable and interesting activity, both for children and adults. 

The benefits to the child are amazing, improving concentration, hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills, to name just a few. Encourage your child to explore their own creativity, and find their inner crafter, you may be pleasantly surprised at the results!

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