Friday, May 23, 2014

My New Favourite Phone App thats made Blogging Better...

The Techie Tool I found for Blogger Convenience...

Now I would have to say I consider myself technologically challenged in some ways. Yes I have a
website and blog and spend a lot of time online. But mostly as a user. The back end continues to baffle me, thank god for WYSIWYG websites and editing.

Anyway, as someone who isn't a real techie I am not much into apps and things. Don't get me wrong I have all the social media and shop apps on my phone, including Etsy, PInterest, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for when I am out and about, although I can't say I use them very effectively or often. But all the other apps mean nothing to me.

But the other day I was driving my daughter to school and had this great idea for a blog post and the whole post just ran through my head in technicolour. Unfortunately having the brain capacity of a pea I knew that by the time I got home it would be gone. So while I was stopped at the drop off zone outside the school I jumped on the app store looking for something I could use to convert speech to text and found a app called 'Speech to Text'. It is the best thing I did, I set it up to email the recording and just go, while I am driving, only if I can start and stop it whilst parked obviously as safety is super important.

The other night I recorded an idea whilst drying off from the shower. I love it, of course if I am out and about some people do tend to look at you funny for talking into your phone but it's amazing how tolerant we are for weird phone acts in this high technology world we live in.

My only comment would have to be that occasionally when talking from a distance you can get the odd gobbledy-gook word, but I can usually figure out what it was from the context surrounding it and this is a small price to pay for completely losing an idea before you can get it down on paper.

Of course I am not suggesting everyone download this app, although it was free so why not. But it
might not suit everyone, and there are lots of other options out there. But what I will say is that any speech to text app for a busy blogger and people like me who's minds can go a mile minute should be on the top of your must have tools.

Now I am looking for one for my desktop, I love the fact that I can get my ideas out quicker than I can type or get my drafts done hands free which is great for me as a jeweller because I can work and draft my blog posts at the same time. It also means that I can dictate ideas that run through my head without having to worry about wording, this can be a big issue for me as I often have ideas floating around in my head that are a bit disjointed and it gives me a great starting point to turn my ideas into finished format.

Now I know there are those of you who might say just recording your post and typing it up later is just as good, and you may be right, but really, it’s just more work and being a super lazy person who is into shortcuts, this is one less thing I have to do if the draft post I dictate is workable, I just have to copy the email, edit and format any misspelled words and add images. Of course, its not that simple for those ideas that are a little all over the place, but I love it.

It doesn't make the blog posts flow any quicker if you are out of ideas, but it certainly is a great tool, if like me, your best ideas come at the most awkward of times.

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