Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Let the Rant Begin...

OK, I don’t usually do this online, but I think today McDonald's broke me and I am having a little  rant to vent. This is something that thousands of mother’s will relate to all over the world. 

I visit McDonald's a bit, at least 2-3 times a week, in fact there are some staff that know me well enough to have a quick chat as I drive through the window. 
Now before you start thinking I am a bad mother feeding my daughter take away every day, most of my visits are on the way to work or home from the school drop off where I get myself a coffee, that’s all, just a simple latte with 2 sugars. Seriously, how hard is that? One item to remember!

I have lost count of the number of times I get to work or home and find myself with a cappuccino, ugh, the chocolate mixed through the coffee adds an odd sweet flavour that I don’t like. Then there are the days when they tell me the sugar is stirred in only when I take a sip, nothing, whilst annoying, most days, I can just add my own sugar when I get to work or back home. Unfortunately these occurrences almost always happen on the days I am going somewhere I cannot fix the problem, like on a class day or when I don't have access to sugar or when we are off for the day travelling somewhere out of town and the coffee ends up cold and in the bin by the time we reach our destination. Of course, the worst are the days I end up with hot chocolate, ugh, I am so not a fan.

Then there are the times that I take my daughter to McDonald's for a treat or a lazy dinner. These can be even worse, how hard is a happy meal with 6 nuggets and B.B.Q. sauce. Most times we get sweet and sour and occasionally end up with a cheeseburger or 3 nuggets instead and they almost always forget the toy, or give the boy toy when told I want the girls.

Today, I mention that this is not even close to the first time, it was just the straw that broke the camel's back leading to my little rant. I bought us a treat on the way home from work as I was too tired to think about cooking, truly easy order, quarter pounder meal with bacon as an extra. Really, they happily took the money but I never got the bacon, and I might mention that we got the sweet and sour sauce instead of B.B.Q. in the happy meal and a milkshake instead of soft drink, and as no-one in our family drinks milkshakes it went in the bin.


Seriously, I know they employ teenagers to save costs and keep prices low, kudos to them for helping our youth get a good start to their working lives. But surely there must be some teenagers in the world capable of sufficient intelligence to be able to handle making a coffee and adding bacon to a burger. 

Pretty please McDonald's, can I have what I asked and paid for!!!!!!

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