Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wrap It...

Over the next few months, weddings will abound. It's that time of year when the flowers bloom and people love to get married. And of course, the dreaded wedding presents. Now if you are lucky and your bride and groom have a registry that does all the work for you, you can pick something, have it wrapped and delivered. Of course its a little generic and impersonal as they all end up looking alike.

Why not make yours stand out and wrap it yourself with these great DIY wrapping ideas to add a little something special to your gift.

How about a unique idea for wrapping a groomsman's gift or a bridal gift for your husband to be.

Or something really funky for a modern twist to a wedding present.  
Then of course black and white is always bold and stands out in a crowd.

But you can't beat a really simple idea with a rainbow of colours for something different. 

See now there are no excuses for boring presents, a little ingenuity can give some real personality to any present. Visit my Wrap It PInterest board for more present wrapping inspiration.

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